Hello! I know you're a Lou Teasdale blog but how would recreate Gemma's hair style like when she had her hair coloured purple

I don’t know which hair you are talking about. If you submit the pic you are referring to ( at the top of my blog there is a submit tab) I can look at it and help you out

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If I bleached my hair from dark brown to Lou's color, would it cause permanent damage? Would my hair forever my dry and brittle and can it cause early hair loss?

It will cause permanent damage to the hair you are dying but remember hair grows. It will be dry and such but if you take care of it ( watching your use of hot tools, hair masks, ext) it wont be….like unbearable. I will say I did see a difference in my hair’s health from bleaching my hair at home compared to getting it done professionally. Early hair loss, I really don’t think so unless you leave your bleach on way to long and hair breaks off but kits come with directions and times. 

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Anon Request: Visiting School Lou (and kind of Sam) inspired by delaneyd featuring high waisted jeansGlamorous sleeveless dress, $34 / Crop top / Yves Saint Laurent high waisted jeans / Topshop sandals / New Balance shoes / Backpacks bag, $32 / Black handbag, $34 / The Row black sunglasses / Ariella round glasses / Missguided nail care, $5.96 / River Island Baby pink Barry M lipstick - 100, $7.69 / Barry M Lipstick Pillar Box Red, $7.67
For the college visits- just Lou please!

oh I see how it is

:) I’m kidding yeah I am making it right now

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4 years and no chill later

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I like the over-sized - boyfriend look very much. It’s a look with which they can identify. You can see the woman not in a vulnerable condition, but definitely in a situation where they feel more comfortable. This is really brave! I liked but always baggy clothes on girls.

Matt Healy on what women should wear to get his attention (via nienna-maria)

Oh good. Cause that’s all I wear.

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Requested: Outdoor Concert with Docs by delaneyd featuring pineapple print shorts

Juliet Dunn floral dress, $220 / Monki t shirt, $14 / Levi’s denim shorts / Boohoo pineapple print shorts / Steve Madden strappy sandals / Cuff bracelet / Jennifer Behr black headband
Best wishes! I hope you get the job. (:

thank you so much babe! me too. 

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Hello! Could you do 2 inspired outfits for college visits? Something nice but comfortable to wear outside where it's very hot(:

Yeah sure I will as soon as I get home from babysitting. You want Lou inspired or more my style or a little of both

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